How to draw Sassy Pikachu

Step 1.

Draw the head

step 2

the glasses and face

step 3

Do the body

step 4.



Things you didn’t know about my blog…

  1. My Original idea for this blog was going to be about hacks. Like an original title would be ” 10 easy Hacks For When You Are Bored” but I have no remote idea how I decided not to and the Pokemon choice. Probably ’cause it was to common of an idea.
  2. Once I had my blog ready the original name of my blog was going to be “The Wonderful World of Pokemon” or ” Pokemon Club” I have a page on that on the web… anyway. I decided to go with Pokemon Origins ’cause it just seemed original that was when another idea came out the name “Original Pokemon Origins” but that sounded taken already. If some of you read my blog during the March season i think you had seen the name change it was “Poke World” but it wasn’t a really good name.
  3. Surprisingly I made this blog by mistake, I had no idea that it would go online and I made this blog while taking a class on how… at first I thought on making it a as you know a everyday Hacks one but I thought no one will see so Pokemon well I was wrong so after I found out it was online I started editing like no idea hours I would spend online trying to see what would match with the blog and the different colors go together and then it was done , until I saw how bad my first blog was ans so forth.

In the end I am just satisfied with how it all turned out so there you have it all 3 Long facts that you didn’t know about my blog 👌✌

How to start collecting my step by step guide…

Ok so i know lots of people say that they all have there own way of collecting pokemon… Mabey they don’t even like it they just like how they look ect…

but i mean oh well, anyway here is in my opinion in how to start collecting.

Step 1. assign a specific jar or box for your pokemon. Make sure that you put a lable on it or place it somewhere safe so you know that’s your specific jar or box ONLY for your pokemon.

Step 2. (for people who trade) Once you have started collecting after you have at least 10 in my case you may start trading. The reason I said 10 is because the person who you are trading with can have a variety that he or she can chose from and you will have a decent pile.

Ok but if you don’t trade still stick with 10 cause it is a nice pile for u to show people.

ok ill stop now😑

Step 3. Once you think you have a decent pile or u can’t well um contain anymore pokemon in your box or jar. Buy a binder. P.S try Walmart (not sponsored ) so you may keep all ya pokemon yay… but if you run out of room then get more or just keep using boxes. Also make sure that you place a small stiker that says the amount of pokemon you have so you dont lose track.

Welp your all done!!!!

How to draw Frokie.

Welcome this is the first pokemon art class today is frokie.

  1. Draw to small circles in the middle. This is the nose.

2. Draw to lines that sort of curve off the nose

3. Now draw the outline of the eye.

4. now draw the eye (s).

5. ok now yall have to connect everything.

6. Now you may bring the face to life.

7. OK now we have to work on the body start with a lump for an arm.

8. now draw the arm and hand.

9. ok now frubbles

10. now for the other arm.

11. the legs

12. ok the last of the frubbles.

And yall are done hope you enjoy. Tell me how yours turned out in the comments below.

Looking Through the Keyhole

I woke up one morning with my parents at the side of my bed. They both sat down next to me and said that I could never go to the attic again, I was confused so my natural instinct asked why, they just stayed quiet and said breakfast will be ready in 5. The attic was one of my most visited places I would go there with my friends and I would go there to do most of my homework and stuff like that, there was nothing wrong with the attic it was not old no mice or bugs it was technically my room. So why can’t I go there anymore I decided not to push my parents to tell me so I let them do the talking in their own time that is when I find out first…

To read more go to my page the rest of the story will be out soon!

If Pokemon didn’t exist

So some of my friends have asked me what would I like if Pokemon didn’t exist…

Well, I accually lived a long time before I even knew about Pokemon but i was a per say Toddler in my age and did not really find out about my talents. But, somethimes I ask to myself what if I never really liked pokemon. Then I would probably would be more into video games such as Minecraft,Roblox, Ramen Legeans, and so one. Yet again seeing that my mom wouldn’t really aprove of me talking to the TV all the time will cross that out. But, I also really like books, the outdoors, art, ect… So I will Probably be more interested in my bottle cap collection or in cookbooks, or just writing a poem in this blog instead. (p.s I will do that soon).

But I will be fine and a normal human being that does not have Pokemon in their lives if it did not exist. But Something That I Will Never Do Will BE Collecting Yo Gi O that card game in no offense sucks.

Pokemon Art classes

The pokemon classes are all free!

When you decide to contact us in the comment box write the name of the pokemon you want to learn how to draw I will open a page to show how to draw that pokemon when I get the message. If I have trouble and the page will not be able to show you how to draw leave it in the comments and I will take notice right away. If I am not able to show you how to draw that Pokemon please send me your blog so I can at once let you know. If you have any further questions let me know in the comments or Home Page. Thank You.


Helena Arce: from Theorie World.